Our Mission

Proclaiming the preeminence of Christ and engaging
in the redemptive restoration of all things in Him
through holistic education

Our Vision

To bless the nation through total transformational
education based on True Knowledge, Faith in Christ
Godly Character

Who We Are


Bringing education and
healthcare to children
in interior Papua

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What Does YPHPapua do in 8 Villages?

Quality Christian Education by Sekolah Lentera Harapan

Bringing education to the most remote areas of Papua; educating the whole person; academically, socially, physically, spiritually--Preparing the student in all dimension for life and work. Reading and writing both in their local dialect and in Bahasa Indonesia, reminding them of their identity and responsibility as Indonesians to take part in building this country. They are the next generation of educated Papuan that we pray will glorify God according to His will.

Health Care System by Siloam Clinic

Education needs to walk hand in hand with health care. The doctors and nurses at Siloam Clinics in Papua serve by educating the local people on hygiene and first aid, implementing immunization programs, treat hundreds of patients everyday and give them medicine, do minor surgical procedures, and do visitations to nearby villages that do not have access to healthcare. To many people, these Siloam Clinics are the first from of healthcare they have ever received.

Electricity by Solar panel or Hydropower

Government's electricity does not reach these villages. Without solar panels or hydropower, no activities can be performed in school and clinic pas sunset, and none of the medical equipments can work. Electricity allows for lights as well as internet connection, significantly improving productivity.

Internet Connection by VSAT

None of the comercial broadband provides in Indonesia reach this villages in Papua's mountaineous region. Yayasan Pendidikan Harapan Papua work together with First Media to provide internet through VSAT(Very Small Apperture Terminal). Internet connection allows the medical staff to file reports, seek guidance, and arrange for medivac, allow teachers to search fo teaching resources and allows all staff to communicate with their families.

Agriculture and Animal Farming

Vegatable farm, chicken farm, and fish ponds are developed, with hope that students will be able to consume these proteins on a regular basis.

Our School Location

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Our Stories

Here you will find yourself in amazement how God's work chang Papua and
bring hope to a better future in education

Before and After

The changes we can see over the years.

Childbirth and infant mortality rate is high in Papua, for a number of reasons: there is no prenatal care, women give birth by themselves at home or at the backyard, and there is no postpartum care of neonatal care. Now with the presence of the Siloam Clinic, newborns are brought in to receive care and immunizations within hours after birth. Children also receive immunization, and many diseases are properly treated with medicine and treatment.

Most children were illiterate, know only colors black and white, and numbers 1 to 3, but now they are able to identify a whole range of colors count to the hundreds, and read and write in their local dialect and Bahasa Indonesisa.

In some of the villages, with the wonderful efforts from missionaries, some children attend literacy classes which introduced them to alphabets. Now, SLH continues what has been started by these missionaries and teach students reading, writing, and other subjects. The education these students are receiving will be extensive as other national schools in Indonesia.

Before, people in Papua's mountanieous region does not have concept about hygiene. Sekolah Lentera Harapan and Siloam Clinic arranges education seminar and practices, such cutting nails, brushing teeth, and cutting hair.

Now they are a new generation of Papuans who are educated, confident, driven with a purpose to glorify God and give back to their country, Indonesia. This brings great hope, great joy.

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